Exhibition Hong Kong 1992

Opening by Dutch Consul General Hendrik J. van Pesch
The opening was performed by Mrs. Betty Kadoorie
Betty & Michael Kadoorie admire Peter's work
Betty Kadoorie and Ton van der Werf, General Manager KLM
A sketch depicting fishing boats on the beach as a thank you.
Hendrik J. van Pesch, Ton van der Werf, Peter Sterkenburg.
Hendrik J. van Pesch with Joop Litmaath and Viviane van Pesch.
A successful exhibition.

Exhibition Kuala Lumpur 1996

Speech by the Dutch ambassador, Theo Arnold
The announcement of the exhibition at the Regent Hotel.
The artist's mother.
Ambassador Theo Arnold, receives a pen drawing from Peter.

Exhibition Singapore 1996

The Dutch ambassador receives a pen drawing.
The manager of the Dutch Club receives a pen drawing
The artist in conversation with visitors.
A well-attended reception.
The artist talking to a visitor.

Exhibition Sydney 1996

Official opening by State Secretary Anneke van Dok.
State Secretary Anneke van Dok
The artist speaking to visitors during the opening in Sydney
The paintings at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

Exhibition Djakarta 1996

Opening speech by minister Annemarie Jorritsma.
The artist with the Dutch ambassador and minister A. Jorritsma
A private chat with the minister.
A pen drawing as a thank-you gift.
Exhibition Jakarta 1996
Exhibition Jakarta 1996
Exhibition Jakarta 1996
Exhibition Jakarta 1996

From November 28, 2015 to January 17, 2016, a short double exhibition of the work of Peter Sterkenburg and of the painter C.A. de Vries was held in the Frisian Maritime Museum. De Vries mainly paints large ships such as cruise ships, windjammers and navy vessels.    

Fries scheepvaartmuseum
Fries scheepvaartmuseum
Fries scheepvaartmuseum
Fries scheepvaartmuseum

Exhibitions Peter J. Sterkenburg

1978            Hardegaryp, Friesland

1980            Breukelen

1985            A.J. Koster Galery, Schoorl

1986            A.J. Koster Galery, Schoorl

1987            San Francisco

1988            A.J. Koster Galery, Schoorl

1992            Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong

1996            Regent Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

1996            Hollandse Club, Singapore

1996            Erasmus Huis, Djakarta

1996            Hilton Hotel, Sydney

2001            Hannemahuis, Harlingen

2004            Westfries Museum, Hoorn

2015            Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp, Zoutkamp

2015            Fries Scheepvaartmuseum, Sneek


"As if the waves were alive, the clouds moved and the wind swept the sails ...."

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